Aims and scope

Journal of Environmental Health Science & Engineering is an open access, peer-reviewed journal presenting timely research on all aspects of environmental health science, engineering and management.

A broad outline of the journal's scope includes:

  • Water pollution and treatment
  • Wastewater treatment and reuse
  • Air control
  • Soil remediation
  • Noise and radiation control
  • Environmental biotechnology and nanotechnology
  • Food safety and hygiene


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Archival content

Previous issues of Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering, published by Tehran University of Medical Sciences, can be found here. This includes all content from 2004-2011.

Article-processing charges

Tehran University of Medical Sciences support Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering financially, resulting in a reduction in the article-processing charge (APC) that is payable upon editorial acceptance of an article. For articles submitted after 30 March 2015, the author-payable share of the APC is €600. Further details on the APC are available here.

Note for Iran-based authors

For authors based in Iran there is a special mechanism for covering the article-processing charge. Iran-based authors should enter the code JEHSE01 during the article submission process. If this code is used, Iran-based authors do not pay an APC to the publisher; instead, TUMS arranges payments with the publisher and will invoice the APC, payable in Iranian Rials, to the authors.

Official journal of the Iranian Association of Environmental Health (IAEH), published on behalf of Tehran University of Medical Sciences.